Sunday, November 24, 2013

Today was District Conference.  We had Elder Michael Ringwood, a 70 and President of the Asia North Area, his wife and President and Sister Mecham and President Hales.  It is the best attended Conference on this island.  At the adult session 40 people, at the general session 110 and the Priesthood leadership session 45  It was great to see so many come out.  Carmen and Augustine talked, Johnny and Jesse also talked.  All recent converts.  Each did a great job.  Elder Ringwood commented on each of their talks.  Elder Ringwood talked about What is the Work of Salvation?
Everyone of us should be involved in doing to hasten the work of the Lord.

1. Every member should be actively doing missionary work
2. Retention
3. Activation
4. Temple and Family History
5. Teaching

All the Elders sang the mission song in Yapese.  WE got a standing ovation.

After fighting with doctors and insurances companies for almost 18 months, we finally got Jesse back to the Philippines where real doctors could look at him.  They did preform three different surgeries  to help him .  However, they told him he was about two years too late to do anything about his back and hip.  They told him he would be walking if he would have come over within the first year of the accident.  But each area had been too long without ample blood supply.  The day he got home he came looking for me with a big smile and gave me a DVD of his surgeries.  He said he was happy he went , thanked me very much and said he can live with what he now knows.  In his talk in Conference he thanked me again for all I had done for him.  Six months ago I made his Dad, John promise me he would come to our next District Conference.  Jesse's mom and dad both came today.the first time they have ever come to church like this.  I hope someday they will join the church.  The big problem is their whole living is based on selling Beatlenut.  But they can do it.

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