Friday, November 29, 2013

Today is November 30, 2013, our last day on this most beautiful island of Yap.  Wow, where have the last 18 months gone.  This has been a most fantastic experience for us.  WE had to go out and say good by to our favorite lady, Anne and her two girls, Lena and Athena.     
Athena, looks like a boy with her hair curt so short.  Anne call her, her little boy. 
They all gave us both big hugs as we left
Anne, gave Sister Garrett a gold neckless with Yap and some palm trees, me a men's neckless and a sweet good by card. 

Jactina, another very sweet lady.  We and the Elders have been working with her for most of a year.  Last Wednesday she asked to come out to her house so she could say good by to us.  I asked her when she was getting baptized.  She kind of stayed silent then sister Garrett Asked why she didn't get baptized before we left.  She thought about it and then say sure okay.
Jacinta, asked me to baptize her.  The Elders usually do the baptizing so I was honored and thrilled that she asked me to baptize her.
After she was baptized with her nuwnuw on her head  Her husband left her a couple of years ago and  left her pretty destitute.  Her family has owned the land where her house is for many years.  But since her husband left she has not been able to make payments so the bank wants to foreclose.  We are getting a set of Sister Missionaries on Yap on December 7th so I have been working with the bank to let us lease the house and make payment to the bank so they will not foreclose.  We will put a set of Elders in her house and the sisters will live here in the same apartment  as we do close to the Senior Couple.  We negotiated with the bank to payoff about $2,000.00 of past due utilities bills and to put in a new stove for the elders to have.  We will have her house completely paid off in three years.  She is so grateful for all we have done to help0 her keep her house and family land.  Every time I get around her she cries and tell me how grateful she is for helping her save her house.


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  1. Your service on the island has been an inspiration and a joy to follow. John Meyer, Elder Meyer's dad.