Saturday, November 23, 2013

I cannot believe one week from today we will be leaving this beautiful tiny island.  The past 18 months have flown by so very fast it is hard to believe our mission on Yap is about to come to an end.  There is still a lot I would like to put on this blog but so little time to do it.  Tomorrow, Sunday, we are having our district conference.  President and Sister Mecham is coming with the Area President (North Asia Area) Elder Michael Ringwood and his wife.  So we are having a visiting General Authority.  Today Elder Strother and I spent the morning down to the church help getting the building and grounds looking decent for the conference.  When we were through we were both ringing wet.  A little work and a whole lot of sweat.  But the grounds look better than it ever has.  After giving the seminary over to the Strothers two weeks ago, we have been concentrating on The Temple Project.  Where we have 25 people ready to go to the temple in the Philippines on December 8th.  We started out working with 36.  But 11 have dropped off.  Mainly Lucy and her six kids.  Lucy just couldn't get her self ready (word of wisdom and church attendance) to go so she will have to wait for another time.  Unfortunately, Jasmine will not be  going with her mom Laura.  Her older sister Julie and Ken (Julie's husband) has kind of been raising her and they got their feelings hurt when they thought we were going around them and communicating with the mom, Laura.  Dah, who else should we be communicating with.  Anyway they said she could not go and be sealed to her mom.  Jasmine, was quite disappointed.  I told President Jim he needs to spend a lot of time with Julie and Ken so they can be ready to go next year.  Ken has been a member for only a couple of months.

But we are now ready to go.  We have already sent home 7 boxes of stuff and another two boxes yesterday and maybe one more before we leave in a week.

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