Friday, November 15, 2013

Boy, it has been two months today since I have blogged.  Even though I really do not like blogging, I have had a really good reason for not doing any for two months.  Two months ago, my hard drive took a dive, but thank goodness I was able to put a lot of my files and pictures on Elder Meyer's external drive before it totally crashed.  Ron, had to send me a new hard drive from the states and I had Augustine  install it.  He is pretty good but no where as good as having it done in the states.  That took about six weeks to get completed.  Anyway a new one is in but everything is totally different from what it was before so we are having to learn everything all over again and I can't find half of my files.

We have just weeks left before we go home and I have a lot of pictures and things I still need to put on the blog.  But are so busy with trying to get everything done in the nest two weeks.

Our replacements came six weeks early.  They are from New Zealand.  That has kind of slowed us down some, trying to help them get acclamated.  We have turned over the seminary to them so that has helped some.  Our last hurrah is trying to get 35 people ready to go to the temple in December.

More yet to come but must run for now.

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