Monday, August 26, 2013

I have said it before and will most likely say it again. We know that the time for the Saviors return is very short and that he and Father in Heaven are preparing many people everywhere to hear and receive the gospel.  But it is up to us to go forth and search them out.  I truly believe they are everywhere.  We just need to be diligent and in tune with the spirit so we can be led to them.  Such is the case with Shera.  Several weeks ago, I told President Gubung to get a list of 20 inactive family together and he I would go visit them.  He did.  One of the families was that of John Daidad.  He has been a member for many years most of which totally inactive.  He was not home but we talked with his oldest daughter, Madelena.  He has three daughters all not members.  Talking with her I asked if her dad had ever mentioned the church to her.  She said no.  I then asked her if it would be okay if I asked our missionaries to come by and tell her about the church.  She said yes.  When I told the missionaries about my conversation with Madelena, and where she lived, his response was, Oh I've been up that road before they all hate us.  After a little persuading he agreed to go talk to her.  The Elders taught her a few lessons and she wanted to get baptized but her husband put a nix to it.  But the two younger sisters were also being taught and now Shera the youngest is being baptized.  Look at her big smile she is really happy                              

In visiting with Madelena, I found out they are cousins with the Ayin family.  I asked Kevin Ayin about teaching the girls.  He said oh we have tried it before but they are not interested. Well guess what Kevin, Mr. returned missionary, they are interested.  When I told Kevin Shera was baptized he was surprised.  Why can't the members see what a gold mine they have with family members and be more willing to share the great message of the restoration with them?  Be a little more aggressive with family members.  You can't ask once and then forget about them.  The Lord is softening hearts everywhere everyday.

On Saturday August 24th, we had planned a youth activity up at Village View Resort again this year.  Last year, our first after being on the Island only a couple of weeks we had 20 kids.  Everyone had a great time and the leaders and kids said it was the best ever.  So we planned another this year.  This time we had over 90 people there.We had kids all over the place.  Our first activity of the day was to have a couple of baptisms.  Shera's, older sister Merelie, cousin to the Ayin's, who didn't want any thing to do with the church, she was the first to be baptized.

Below with Merelie, is her cousin Tracy Ayin.  Tracy has never been to church since our coming to Yap, except to have her 9 year old son Steven baptized.  Surprise, surprise, since teaching her cousins she has been to every church meeting, activity and family home evening, AND the missionaries are teaching her non member husband who has a baptismal date set for September 13th. "THE LORD MOVES IN MISTERIOUS WAYS HIS WONDERS TO PERFORM".  Oh!, if only the members could see and feel the power they have in moving the Lord's work along. Tracy is the one in the middle.  

So here we have Merelie with her sister Shera who is holding Merelie's 4 year old daughter Maggie, along with Elder Baliling, Hatch and Elder Garrett.  Tie tucked in shirt because I am again cooking sloppy joes for lunch.
Every baptism is special.  We have been privileged to be a part of a lot of good people coming to the Lord.  This one is our second in the ocean so it has special meaning because of where it is preformed but also how the two girls came into the church.  They love the church.  They come to everything, including sister Garrett's "quilting bee" she had at our house. The women here on the island have never made a quilt (don't really need a heavy one) so thought it would be fun for Y.W. & R.S. to learn.  They made 2 baby quilts for 2 new babies in our branch & gave them to them. Sister Garrett is trying to help Y.W. do a service, for there Personal Progress. I hope and pray the branch and its leaders will do their part to keep them active.

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