Monday, July 29, 2013

Sister Garrett, is saying, yes I am so happy Elder Garrett didn't want me to go on that awful 4 hour hike through the jungle.  Beside, someone had to stay back and help prepare the food.
Yes, indeed there has always got to be a lot of food to eat as part of any activity.  The island people do love to eat.  Feed them and they will come to almost anything
We had BarBQue chicken and hot dogs and rice and drink.  Devine really is enjoying it along with non member little Devine, and Tyler. This is kind of a staple for them when it comes to food, rice, hot dogs (no buns) chicken, or pork.
All non-member boys except Cedric far left.  He is a recent convert.
A couple of the Elders went home and changed after the hike, but not Ramateree.  They too enjoyed a little refreshment after a long hot hike.
I didn't think any of them had any energy left in them, I was pooped.  Pete, from Thol branch did a summersault off the little hill in back of the church, and kept his cowboy hat on.  He is Sam's brother.
Just milling around resting waiting for food.
After a short rest we did play a few games, including tug of war.  You can see how close to jungle the church is.
They love to play games especially tug of war.
President Bamlul, bless his heart, even with his poor knees went with us on the hike but i guess we tuckered him completely out.  The floor and a couple of hymn book  suites him just fine. Most Yapese prefer the floor to chairs. After the games and food we had a marriage, baptism and a movie, The Mighty Macs..  A great movie about the first NCAA Women's basketball national championship.

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