Thursday, July 25, 2013

Every six month we go to Guam for a couples conference.  We have been lucky enough to go three times.  Again this time we stayed at the Marriott.  From our room looking west just before sunset.  We really enjoy getting off the small island of Yap and visiting and learning from the other couples.  We have learned so much from all of them.  All of us serving in Micronesia share similar issues and problems.  It is good to share and learn from others.
Sister Garrett and I poolside at the Marriott with the ocean in the background.
 Tumon Bay's beautiful white sandy beach right behind the Marriott.  I have walked the whole distance around the point and loved the whole walk.  You can walk out into the water for a couple hundred yards.  Presently it is at low tide.
I've been told I do not show enough of Elder Garrett.  Here I am at the back entrance of the Marriott coming from the pool
Tumon Bay looking west just south of the Marriott on Marine Drive which is the main road going from north to south.
All the couples arrived on Guam on Saturday or Sunday.  Four of us played golf at Anderson Air Force Base again.  From left, Prince, Eldridge, Norton, Garrett.  The course runs parallel to the ocean and gives some great views.  The course was in pretty good shape but the elephant grass gives me trouble.  I was second to Prince with a score of 48, 52.  Prince was one shot better.  I didn't lose one ball, surprise.  But came close on the par 5 18th, which I pared,
Yep, all four of us hit the same sand trap.
On Thursday after meetings we all bowled.  Sister Garrett has great form, but she and I shot the lowest score.  Too bad it wasn't Golf instead of Bowling.
Sister Garrett's bowling partners.  Sister Mecham and Sister Vincent.  Sister Vincent was Sue Ross's good friend in high school.  She lives in Parawan, Utah now.  We truly enjoyed our 10 days on Guam.  But are now back at our battle stations on Yap..

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