Friday, June 28, 2013

Well I'm going to try again.  It has been hard to do much on the blog for a couple of weeks.  Sister Garrett and I have three presentations for our Couples Conference in July and I can only spend a couple of hours at a time in front of the computer.  Each time I blog it takes about two hours.  First I got to get everything communicating in English, it always is in some foreign language, then find the pictures I want to put in, then I have to resize each one of them 10% of original, then download them.  This is my way of saying I am sorry for it being so long since I blogged.
For seminary we had three nice big cakes with punch then we took pictures of all 8 that were there.  Five were not there.  Two were in the Philippines on their missions, and three just choose not to come.

Here is sweet Niya
James Nam.  This is his second year in seminary he is 16 and only in the 8th grade.  Too many of the kids do not take learning very serious.  But then why?  There is nothing here that an education can do for them.
Sam.  This fall he and his family are moving to Utah.  A great move for all of them.
Zack, Jasmine's nephew.  He is very shy and quiet but only missed two days of seminary because he was grounded.

Serena Buchan.  She lives right next to the but still couldn't come enough to get a full credit.  Hopefully next year.
Maron Bumlul

Above Nicky

Jasmine, out star student.  100% attendance.  The first to memorize all 25 scriptures in the scripture mastery.  We love Jasmine because she is so special  Read previous blog to see why.

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  1. when will you be home. We are leaving Dec. 2 but are driving.