Sunday, May 5, 2013

This has been one of the better Sundays in a while.  We did put in new branch president,
Bro. Bamlul, but that is not why it was a good Sunday.  We had a lot of the inactives that came to church today.  Sweetie and Aloy, we have been out to their place several times including doing a family home evening with them.  Sweetie and the kids came to church today.  Friscilla, Keonie wife has been away from church for a long time.  We have visited her and spoken to Keonie many times, she came today.  Also Julie's non member husband came to church.  I have never seen him in church before.  My sweet Cynthia, works most Sundays so we don't see her much any more.  Today she came and it was so good to see her and talk with her, she is missed.  This guy Jim just showed up and stayed for all three meetings.  He had to go outside in between each meeting to have a smoke, but he stayed and said he would be back next Sunday.  Even Gubung, now that he is not the Branch President, spent some time talking with him and making him feel welcome.  He is from Tennessee and has been on Yap for four months.  He really likes it here and plans on staying.  Maybe we can find a place in God's kingdom for him  He is not a member.  He said he had seen the church several times and thought he would stop by and check us out.  Way to go Jim.  

This island is very tough to do missionary work.  The devil has a very strong hold on the people and he uses Beatelnut addiction to the up most in his favor.  But i know the Lord wants his work to go forward here.  Every day I see His hand in moving forward His work.  Things just do not happen, they happen for a purpose and they always have the hand of the Lord involved.

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