Saturday, April 13, 2013

The road into Lily's home.  I needed to talk to her about some translation stuff.  She lives up at the far northern end of the island with her Grandmother.  This is a beautiful ride going to her house.
Lily" grandmother's house.  Her grandmother comes from  a long line of royalty here in the islands.  They own a lot of land in fact our Thol Branch is leased from her grandmother.  Quite well off, but they hate the Mormons for our strange beliefs.  But most of the island hates us.
On the main road out just past where you turn off to go to Lily's
Boys will be boys.  You got to have a little R&R once in a while.  Elder Ramiterre has climbed up a Mango tree to fetch a couple of Mangos to eat. In the Philippines where he is from this is what he did for work to get through school was climb coconut trees to see how many he could get down.
Elder Meyer and Rameterre eating those sweet Mangos..  Right behind the church
I used to write up and prepare all of Deanna's talks (What few there were)  This mission has given her the confidence to dig into the scriptures and magazines and prepare her own talks.  She has done a very creditable job.  The same goes for her teaching a spontaneous lesson.  Here she was given the topic of " Work is an Eternal Principle". Not an easy topic to talk about.  She did a great job!
Jesse's family (our paralized young man) killed a pig.  Now this is a big thing.  They all can't wait to eat the best part of the pig.  The intrils cooked in the pig's blood.  The elders brought us some to eat.  You know me, I shall past this way but once, so I must do as the natives do..  The smell was not good and Sister Garrett could hardly look at it, but she did try it sort of.
Like I said I must at least try it.
And I did partake.  Frankly the bat tastes better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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