Saturday, April 13, 2013

President Matthew, Branch President of Thol Branch, conducting the baptism for Sophia.  It is really good to see him in a white shirt and tie
Elder Rameterre, has been out on his mission for almost a year and has never received a letter or package of any kind.  Nicholle felt sorry for him so she had her girls write him letters and sent him a care package.  He was very excited as you can tell.  He went right back to his apartment & wrote them back. 
He is all smiles.  After all this is his first.  He got a tie and 2 bags of sweet tarts, after all it is Valentines Day!
He loved the care package.  When he left to go on his mission he told his mom he wanted her to get baptized.  She told him "I was born a Catholic and I will die a Catholic".  Everyone in the family is baptized except the mom.

Two weeks ago he heard she had been baptized.  Good things do happen to those who serve the Lord.  Boy, I can testify to that.

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