Friday, April 5, 2013

During Yap Days, there were lots of displays of native grown food
The chief food eaten by the natives is Taro.  The green leaf is the Taro leaf, used to keep it covered.  The basket is made of Pandans leaf.  The Pandans leaf is used to make lots of items
 Lots of different fruit.  Pineapples are awesome.  Lots of different oranges, even though they are green and look like limes.  The green pricklie things is a Soursope, but is very sweet.
Bananas cooked in coconut oils and milk.  This is considered a great desert.

Tapicoa.  They love it here.  Its okey but not like our at home.
Pears apples and other fruits.

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  1. Look how perfectly woven the baskets are. I love reading your blog, even tho I don't always comment, I love hearing from you. Conference was great. Love you both, Pamie