Saturday, January 19, 2013

This view of the lagoon we get to see quite often each morning as we get up early and go for our morning walk around the lagoon.  It is one and a half miles and takes us about 30 minutes. The sun is just coming up and ther lagoon is like glass, great skiing water.
It can go from beautiful and clear as above to a down right down pour like this is a very short period of time.  We we are on our way to church up at Thol.  Tommy Chomed, inactive for many many many years was coming to church and he asked us to go with him at Thol.  But the taxi services all closed down for the sunday before christmas and he didn't come.  Us and the Elders were the only ones there.  No taxis and too much rain.  It does't take much to stop them from Thol.
We had three birthdays in December in Seminary and Sister bakes a cake each month for birthdays.  Me Alvina and Jasmine.  Jasmine, is the gal we could not find and the lord literally lead us to her because he want her to come to seminary, bring her brother who both are 100% ers and get her cousin baptized and her whole family including mom,aunts , cousins to start coming to church which they all do now.  This is 8 to 10 when they all come that was not coming before.
The Primary said they would do a nativity skit for our Christmas party, which they did not do, so Sister Garrett and I scurried around trying to do it with the seminary kids, but we had no idea where to start.  I got this little whispering that said go see Anne.  As it turns out she had done several nativity skits with school kids.  She came to seminary just before Christmas and layed the whole thing out for us.  She was an absolute God send to us
Maxine, President Jim"s daughter turned 12 on Christmas eve.  Of course we had to help her celebrate.  Sister Garrett was asked to make her two gigantic birthday cakes, a total of seven boxes,  You see we have one of the few ovens on the island, so we get to use it a lot.
I am using a machette to cut the top off of a young green coconut.  The milk inside is much sweeter when they are green.  On our porch at our apartment
I have drank the milk from quite a few green coconuts, but this one was the sweetest of all and I had put it in the refrigerator to get it cold yummy yummy.

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  1. Who would have thought what neat things you would get to do on your mission. Patsy