Sunday, January 20, 2013

A couple of days before Christmas, we and the Elders went Christmas caroling to about 25 families and gave each of them either a Punkin Bread or Banana Bread.  Here we are with President Gubung's family   The Elders were not sure they wanted to go but they went anyway.  Pretty much all the family were very surprised, saying this is certainly a first on Yap.  One of the families had one of the brown Christmas Stockings Ashlee's primary kids made, hanging on a bean in her Koying.  All together during the holidays Sister Garrett made around 60 breads and cakes and delivered them to families.

Believe it or not right here on the equator we had a white Christmas.  Christmas day we celebrated the birth of the Savior with six baptisms.  From our right to left, Dufan.  Dufan and his wife Sally came to church with their baby the day we watched General Conference and none of us  knew them.  Just before meeting ended I looked around and they were gone.  I rushed out to see if could see them but they were gone.  As I went back inside I saw Bridget and asked her who they were she told me but didn't know for sure where they lived.  Maybe over by the bank somewhere.  I told the Elders who they were and to go seek them out around the bank somewhere.  It took the Elders a couple of days but they found them and taught them and he has now joined his wife Sally as members, on Christmas day.  Next is Andrew, he came to be baptized because of our working with Cynthia to starting come to seminary and church.  Then there is Shanty, she came to us through Cynthia also.  She is Cynthia's sister. Next is Martha, she is Cindy Nubuco's mom.  Cindy, totally inactive, we met in an office when I was on an Errand for Elder Prince who works as the Mission office couple.  Next Timmy, and Lisa they was found when the Elders and I were out delivering flyers about our Halloween Party,  Some of their family are members but inactive we got them to come to the Halloween Party and District Conference with their families and now they are active members.  Everyone of these we were led to by the Lord literally taking us by the hand and leading us to them.  Because we were out on his errand

It was a well attended baptismal service
Cynthia, was asked to give a talk on baptism.  You all know Cynthia is one of my special gals.  She was totally inactive and no one every knew her until she came to our Halloween Party.  She is now a 100% at everything in the church including seminary/institute.  She was really nervous but did a great job.  Shanty, is her little sister.
Junior, our young Melchizedek Priesthood holder helped teach Timmy and Lisa, so they asked him to baptize them.
Sister Garrett is getting a lot of opportunities to talk and teach out here.  Her she sis talking on the restoration.  She is getting pretty good at it.

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