Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tonight my blogging is going to be a first, for two probably three (the third being no pictures just the written word) different reasons.  First, today is Sunday December 23rd.  We just got back from our weekly Sunday fireside.  Because it is just two days before Christmas and because Christmas is mostly a non event here on Yap, I wanted to see if I could get the members into the Christmas spirit.  I decided to show the Christmas devotional of a couple of years ago when David Archeletta was the guest singer.  I personally thought he did a fantastic job and thought the members would like it as much as I did, especially the youth, but I soon found out that no one had ever heard of David Archeletta.  I told everyone that this was going to be a special Christmas fireside and everyone should come and enjoy.  The announced start time is always 5:00 PM.  At 5:00 there were three people there, Deanna, Me, and for the first time President Gubung.  President Jim said he was coming, but they are always 15 minutes late.  So anyway we got started at about 5:30 with just eight people.  We did finally end up with 20 people coming who absolutely loved the music, the dancing and script.  The young girls especially loved the Spanish song that David sang.  Afterwards, I born my testimony and true to form I was a big baby, but I really felt the spirit.  After, several people come up and said how much they loved the music and everything.  It was very good, just too  bad that more would not come out and start the Christmas count down with a night of beautiful Christmas music.  The spirit was very strong, people here need to come and feel the spirit, but they do not, I believe they are afraid to get too close to the spirit, they may then have to do something, or reject it which is even worse.  Anyway, as always the minority came forth and it will make a difference in their life.
Friday night we dragged the Elders with us to go Christmas caroling.  Probably a first for them and certainly a first for all we went caroling to.  Deanna has cooked up close to sixth banana breads and pumpkin breads that we took to many members.  All had never had anything like this done before.  It was late wwhen we got back to our apartment

Second,  Since coming to the island I have had this strong feeling about this guy Tommy Chomed, he is a returned missionary, the brother of Lucy (the young mom with 6 kids who just lost her husband) he has been inactive for years, I have known about of him for months, but first met him at Lucy’s husband funeral.  No one knew where he lived.  Lucy moved in with her mom and brothers up north in MAAP.  We still didn’t know where they lived.  President Jim came to our house yesterday and told me he had finally found where they lived.  So Sister Garrett and I decided to see if we could find them, now these are the direction, pretty much like all directions here on Yap.  When you get on the MAAP road you pass two man houses on the left, after the second manhouse you count five light poles and the path to their house  is across the street.  Well we went out looking for it.  We found the two man houses and the fifth pole but no path.  So I asked the first person I saw walking down the road.  Sure enough they were related and this older  lady told us where to find the path.  They are sometimes hard to find.  We took some clothes to Lucy, some Christmas candy for the kids and two pumpkin breads, some old Ensigns, and an old triple combination for Tommy.   She was delight to see us.  They all committed to come to church the Thol branch. Mom, brothers, the girls, everyone.  But asked if we would go to the Thol branch so they would know somebody.  We agreed to meet them at church the next day.  None of the family except Lucy has been to church for years.  they are all beatlenut chewers.  So Sunday morning we left early so we would be to church when they get there.  Now they have no car so they were going to have a taxi take them.  On the way up it just poured.  When it pours everyone stays home.  But I was sure they would still come.  We got to church just as the Missionaries arrived.  We waited and waited and the Elders told me that President Mathew was not coming because he couldn’t get a taxi they all were taking the day off.  So Lucy and the family couldn’t come because they couldn’t get a taxi either.  Nobody came just us, the missionaries, Jesse (who the Elders picked up cause he was speaking in Sacrament) Peter and Cedric ( a youth new member).  We had no bread so now for the first------we had a cookie wafer as the sacrament bread, for the first time in my life, a cookie wafer instead of bread.  I guess it is still Okey.  Jesse gave a good talk and  After Sacrament meeting we closed up shop and went back to Colonia Branch in time for Priesthood.  Now that we know where they live we intend to follow up and get Tommy and the whole family active again.  Tommy is an Elder, returned missionary and would be a great help to our little struggling branch in Thol.    

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  1. You will never take the Sacrament again without thinking of this experience. A mission changes you, doesn't it. Merry Christmas.