Wednesday, December 5, 2012

In my hast to get caught up on my pictures, I guess I left showing some more Halloween pictures.  This gal loved the bobbing for apples.  She must of done 5 or 6 and gave them to the little kids to eat.
The kids loved bobbing for apples,  not too many of the adults, but the kids loved it.
This is Choy's little girl.  Choy is a councilor in the branch presidency and is branch clerk.  His father was one of the strongest members every on the island.  Unfortunately, he died about a year ago and the branch has really struggles without him.  He made things happen.  Nothing happens since his death, but we all are trying to change that.
This is the gal who bobbed for some many apples she saved he last one for herself.   Not sure who she is
A little non member, veronica's grandgaughter.  She comes to church a lot.  One day she will be baptized.
On the lawn in back of the church, watching the fire dance Sam and Peter did.  It kid of gives you all an idea how everyone dresses.

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