Thursday, December 13, 2012

Elder Richardson, has been out on his mission for 20 months.  All 20 months has been here on Yap.  He is now being transferred to Guam to be an assistant to the President.  He is well deserving.  He has worked hard on Yap.  He knows pretty much everyone here on the island, has made many good friends and will be sorely missed.  Especially by me.  Most of the time we have been on the island we have had a three some.  Elder Richardson, become my companion.  When Sister Garrett was in her cast, Richardson and I did a lot of contacting together.  He helped me to get to know the island and the people a lot quicker than if Sister Garrett and I tried doing it alone.  He is a good Elder and deserves being the AP.  Juanita and Alvenia, our two soon to be missionaries are placing NUNUWS on his head and yarns around his neck.
Alvenia and Juanita are holding Choys (councilor in branch presidency) kids.  With Shanti, in the front.  She is being baptized on Christmas day.  She is Cynthia's sister. We started working with Cynthia, totally inactive, now her sister Shanti and a cousin Andrew are being baptized on Christmas day
 Many of the branch members came out to our Monday night Family Home Evening.  It got so big we started having it at the church.  It was a rather good feast.  The islanders do like to eat.  Front left brother Nam, Juanita;s dad, Pricilla Choy, Francis Choy's wife, Alvenia, and Cynthia
Elder Richardson in our apartment after Family Home Evening, showing his Nunuws and yarns

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