Thursday, December 13, 2012

Elder Meyer, got a little too much sun, I gave him some some block, but he said it din't do him any good.  Looks like where he put it it did some good.  One swipe across the forehead and one down the side of the face.  He had some pretty bad blisters.
Above town folks are building a big man house in the town center where two already exists.  Earlier blogs I shown some of it. 

We are up to President Jim's celebrating Shondy's 7 year birthday.  We have one of the few ovens on the island, so Kathy brought mom 8 cake mixes to cook for her and to give to Shondy.  I believe that big one Shondy is cutting took five mixes.
Like most big sisters, Maxine, would rather be up in a tree rather than be celebrating with the rest of the family. She is goings to celebrate her 12th birthday on December 24th.
Shondy's grandpa.  many men on the island dress in this native style loin cloth.  You see them all over the island like this.  Especially if they are from an outer island.  Remember, Yap is only one island out of many that comprise the State of Yap.  Close to half of the 6,000 that live here on Yap are from an outer island.  Many spend their time on Yap and their native island.
Shondy's ,Auntie brought him a cake that said happy birthday Shondy.  Jim told me all the cakes were gone the next day.  That was a lot of cake eating.

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