Sunday, November 18, 2012

After our baptisms of Augustine and Devine (you'll see it ) we decorated the church for a Halloween party.  Our family, friends, and friends from Guam sent us some candy and decorations.  The branch had never done anything like this before.  The youth helped decorate.  Juanita like our costume and decided to were both mine and Deanna's.  Alvenia is with her.
This was a hugh success.  We had over 120 people, half of which I had never seen before.  From it the Elders are teaching several people.  We had kids running all over the place.  Many came up to me after and said it was the best fun and wanted to know when we were going to have another just like it.  Two nonmenbers stayed way late and help clean up the mess.  They both are now being taught the missionary lessons.  One girl, Cynthia, who I had never met before was one of the last to leave.  I started taking to her and found out she was a member, but hadn"t been to church in years.  We talked about seminary and institute.  She came to our combined seminary and institute the next Monday and has not missed a class.  Frankly she is now my best student.  She has not missed a Sacrament meeting and the Elders are teaching her little sister who is scheduled for baptism on Nov. 22th.  Cynthia is around 22 years old.

 Below, you got to have food.  Bananas, toro root, and decorated rice treats

Sister Garrett made two big bowls of potato salad and worried no one else would bring anything because there were no assignments.  The Relief Society President told her people who come will bring food.  But we were not sure how many would come, so she worried for days about no food coming,  There were tons of food.  Every body brought some thing and some went to great lengths to make it.  It was all very good, but all native grown food.  Nothing bought.
With the madening crowd, I found a place of solitude and enjoyed my meal.

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