Monday, October 22, 2012

Every Thursday afternoon the Elders up at the Thol Branch has some kind of activity for the youth. It has been very successful in helping to activate some of the youth.  Here with Elder Meyer we are playing Ninja with Sam, Peter, Gene and Bert
Bert on top of the basketball hoop.  He was totally inactive before the Elders started having their Thursday activity.  He now come to church every sunday and has been ordained a Deacon and passes the sacrament.  It works to be involved with the youth, they need to be loved and shown we care about them
This is Gene, he is Lili's oldest boy.  He and mom have been members for less than a year.  They live quite a ways from the church so they don'at get to church as much as the should.  He is in front of the Thol Branch
I'm heading up the path to Brother Ayin's house to talk to his two kids about coming to seminary.  His boy is 14, old enough  to come to seminary but is still in grade school.  Niya (the 17 year old with a 2 years old kid) has started going back to school and she has not missed a seminary class.  Some days if she misses the bus, that costs her 75 cent to ride, she has to walk the 4 miles home.
As you all know by now this kind of path is typical of everyone we visit here on Yap.  The Ayins live a ways off the road kind of up on a little hill really secluded.
Same trip to Ayins with Elder Richardson.  It has been really good having a three some in Colonia.  Elder Richardson, the Zone Leader and I team up quite often to teach and go visit members.  He knows the island very well.  But at only 39 square miles, I am even getting to know it pretty well.
Everywhere we go, people like to give us something to eat.  Here we were looking for Arvin at his place of business.  These two non members were at Arvin's place and cut some bananas for us to take with us.

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  1. Nice write-ups. Looks like you are having a good time, but there's not much Deanna on your blog. I hope she is well.