Sunday, September 23, 2012

 This week we started seminary.  It was suppose to start at 3:00 PM  after school lets out at 2:30.  We were not sure how many would show up.  At 3:00 no one had shown up.  We thought oh well I guess all our hard work during the summer was in vain.  By 3:20 most of the 13 we had showed up.  We were overly pleased to have 13.  Last year they had 4 show most of the time.  During the summer we spent a lot of time with Elder Richardson going and trying to locate and talk to every potential seminary student we could find.  Most of whom are inactive.  We found most of the potentials and most said they would come,  But out here that doesn't mean much they just say that to get rid of you.  So when 13 finally showed up, we were overly pleased.  From left to right front row.  Sister Garrett, Shawrene, Terrance (inactive) Devan (inactive), Nickie (mostly inactive), Sam, James,back row, Elder Richardson, Niya (recently coming somewhat active, she has a little baby), Jasmine ( somewhat active), Darrell (non member) Nelson (mostly inactive), Maron, Jack (Inactive), Juanita, Elder Nelson.  What a great group of kids.

 The old Silverfox doing his thing.  Surprising the kids paid pretty good attention.  The first day we spent most of the day helping the kids get familiar with the bible and all the helps in he bible.  Footnotes, topical guide, dictionary, maps photos Joseph Smith Translation etc. Most of the kids knew  literally nothing about the Bible.  Absolutely nothing so we spent the whole day getting them use to it.
The second day we did a lot of scripture chase with two different team, to further help them get use to the Bible.  They had fun trying to find all kids of stuff i had given them to find and explain.  The third day I gave them the Plan of Salvation.  Boy that was tough.  Most of them know nothing of Jesus Christ or Father in Heaven.  Shawrene (a member only 9 months did really good) so did Sam and Nickie.  The rest had no clue what I was trying to teach.  I have taught the gospel for over 50 years, this was the toughest class I have ever taught.  It was like teaching three year olds the Plan of Salvation, not only because of the lack of religion knowledge, but because of their lack of English knowledge.  I hope they all can stay enthused    and curious and keep coming.  They really are a bunch of great kids, Sister Garrett and I love them already and want to do all we can to help learn of Jesus Christ and the Gospel.  Our text is the New testament, so it will be fun.

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  1. Love to see my Dad at work! You have such a strong testimony and knowledge of the gospel and I can see why the kids love you and want to come listen to you. You love the youth and it shows. Thanks for your example, Dad:)