Saturday, September 15, 2012

The week of August 26th, was a very busy week for us.  We had all kinds of people from Guam visiting us.  Here we have just finished having an breakfast breakfast with the people who head up the translation department for the church for all of Micronesia, they are out of Guam.  Far left is Alberto Del Valle, then his wife Olga and Susan Alik.  They are here to train the group we put together to do translation from English to Yap, for General Conference. Colonia lagoon is in our back ground, eating on the terrace at the ESA Hotel.
Brother Del Valle doing training.  He is a retired Naval submarine officer.  Working full time for the church, heading up the churches translation department.  They have been having a hard time getting qualified and committed members on Yap to do the translating so they were just going to pass up on Yap as usual.  When I heard that, I said no way at least give us a chance to see if we can't find some members who will do it.
 This is the results of our hard work for over two weeks going around and talking to any and all we thought had good enough command of the English language to be able to do the work.  Right to left, Arvin, a member less than a year, he is the team captain, Sam, from the Thol Branch, Kevin, a return missionary served in Santa Rosa California Alvina, Juanita, Maron, Lili, from the Thol branch, sister Anna Bumlul, Shawrene, Elder Richardson.Del Valle, was astounded we put together such a group of members.  He has even bragged to Salt Lake about our group

That same week we had the Mission President and his wife visit us for a Zone Conference.  We are having lunch after meetings all morning.

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