Friday, August 24, 2012

For the last two weeks of July we worked really hard on a joint Branch, YM/YW activity and overnight.  We visited many of the inactive youth to invite them to the activity.  They had not had an activity for a very long time.  We wanted to do something to get all the youth of both branches together.  We met at the Colonia Branch Chapel at 8:00 am  two of the inactive girls we visited were there at 6:30AM.  We had a short devotional and headed to the beach resort at the north end of the island.  All total we had 20 youth about half inactive some non members as well.  From left to right front row:  James, Serena, Aner, Juanita YW  President), Shawrene, Elisa, Terry, Alvina, Maxine, back row: Johnny, Nelson, Junior, Nickie, JayJay, Nathan.  Are you impressed I know all their names.  But don't ask their last names, I don't know them and couldn't pronounce their last name even if I knew it.  Here everybody goes by first name only.  Last names does't really mean much.  In a family for some reson everyone has a different last name even if they all come from same dad.

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