Tuesday, July 10, 2012

No, this is not Yap.  This is the resort side of Guam.  The Marriott Hotel and Resort.  Really a pretty white beach.  We spent three days on Guam, waiting for our plane to take us to Yap.  It only flys to Yap Twice a week.  We spent sunday night in the President's Home, bid farewell to the Eldridges and spent spent monday night is an apartment where  a missionary couple usually stays. (Really hot and humid)  For two days we were escored around the island, by Elder & Sister Jex, from Olympia Washington, doing personal stuff.  Some shopping at the worlds largest KMart. (the number one tourist attraction of the Japanese)  The lines were out the door.,  It probably supports all the rest of the KMarts.  We had to check on medication for Deanna, and buy a few things that were recomended we buy before going to Yap.  We were on Guam for three days and did not see a drop of rain, just beautiful blue skys.  The Jex's took us around pretty much the whole island.  I was particularly interested in many of the World War II sites.  Monday night we had a family Home evening with all the couple missionaries and had a great meal at a Chinaese food place on the south end of the island near the navy base.  The Air Force base is at the north end of the island,    

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